June 2, 2018
3 years and 6 months since
our Reunion.

Welcome Classmates!

June 2, 2018
The Class of 1968 is turning 68!
As many of us were born in 1950,
many of us turn 68 this year.

Five decades after we graduated and      
half a century later... we are still here
and it's time to celebrate this milestone in our lives.

So, turn up the hearing aids and dim down the lights,
let's roll back the years and be young on this night.

Last but not least, we have a challenge we'd like to put out there and you can help.  Our main objective is to get as many classmates as possible to come back for this
semi-centennial celebration!
This is a milestone that we as classmates, should be honored and proud to attend.  We are asking you to please pass the word to as many members of our class that you are in touch with and encourage them to join us for this once in a lifetime event.

You can refer them to our Chapman High School website:
 or send their email, home mailing address and phone number to
I will be happy to get the information to them.

Let's make this 50th Class Reunion
the best ever!

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